Thursday, May 9, 2019 

The Beauty of Humanity is The New Marketing

Lucas Mack

Turning a $10K investment into a $1MM+ creative agency – Lucas Mack is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, consultant and podcast host. Working for clients like Microsoft, T-Mobile, MOD Pizza and more, Lucas dedicated more than a decade providing companies with ideas, products and services that improved clarity, employee engagement, and sales.

His passion for inspiring people to build deeper relationships with those around them is reflected in his writing, speaking, and coaching. Lucas is the author of the book “Everyone Has a Plan Until They Get Punched in the Face,” a guide to developing a passionate and authentic story in order to achieve results.

Named as ‘Member’s Choice Speaker’ by the University of Washington’s American Marketing Association, Lucas and his work have been featured in CBS News, ACE Awards for Best National B2B Agency, Letterhead and Logo Design 12 Book, 425 Business Magazine, the Puget Sound American Marketing Association, and more. Prior to founding his agency, he was recognized for his storytelling as a TV news reporter, producer, and host for ABC, NBC, and Fox affiliates. Lucas lives in the Pacific Northwest with his family.


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