Get Involved - Join a Committee!

Joining a committee allows you the opportunity to have others see first hand, your defining skills. 

  • Need to connect?  Need to get out in the WS business community?  The Ambassadors or the Membership Committee will get you connected.
  • Marketing your niche?  Show others your ability to think out of the box with focus on a message, a brand.  Join the Marketing Committee.
  • Creativity, planning and implementation your skills?  The big events produced by the Special Events Committee have the spotlight to showcase these skills.  
  • Demonstrate financial oversight and advice?  These are skills best demonstrated through case study.  The Chamber financial activity is the case study for the Finance Committee.
  • Will knowing the details make a difference?  Help develop our voice.  Government Affairs Committee provides you the opportunity to dig deep in matters of the WS community.

Interested in joining a WSCC Committee? CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP!


Government Advocacy

Chair:  Rik Keller, Keller Williams


Chairs:  Amy Lee Derenthal and Allen Chen


Chair: Christian Harris 

Special Events  

Chair: Abby Fisher and Vice-Chair, Debbie Kerns